Welcome to the official site for Munchini and Clever Elements Media Group. Let us be your last stop in your search for creating high-quality professional music production. Clever Elements Media Group and our associates have done production for many artists including Yung Berg, Red Cafe, and more. To find out more about our flexibility as well as the differences between an Exclusive Rights License, a Premium ("Tracked-Out") License, and a Basic Leasing License, click here.

Explore the site, get to know Munchini, sign up on our mailing list, and of course download Munchini's debut solo album "Be Water" by clicking here to purchase it on this site. It is also available on cdbaby.com, iTunes, Amazon.com, Google Play (for Android devices), and other online retailers.

Also, feel free to leave a comment in our guestbook on our contact/fan page or engage in discussion on Munchini's blog.

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